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NividTech India


Our PHP Team at NividTech is an experienced team of professional PHP programmers and talented designers who have been executing projects to our Clients satisfaction. CodeFrux can help you and your company to become a leader among your business competitors by incorporating most latest and demanded features in the industry, following best coding practices.

PHP is a programming language, used for web development, principally for server side scripting, but it can be also applied from a command line interface as well as in graphical applications. We pool the best of our resources together and the most talented PHP developers along with our designers to work on your projects.

Advantages of PHP Development

  1. PHP offers better performance, versatility, reliability, faster speed and efficiency as compared to other programming languages, which makes it popular among web developers.
  2. Development and maintenance cost cut down
    Can be easily embedded into HTML code
  3. Helps effectively in provCodeFruxng content from web server to client
  4. PHP is most commonly used in server side scripting, command line interfaces and desktop applications. Various databases like Oracle, Sybase, generic ODBC (Open Database Connection), MySQL etc