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NividTech India


If you are looking for the best shopping cart software on the market, you've come to the right place. There are many shopping cart applications out there, and making a choice between them can be overwhelming. Comparing features of ecommerce applications can be tiring. You can put all that behind you now, as we are confident that you've found what you are looking for.

It's not JUST about features

Most carts have the same basic features you would expect - store management, shipping, taxes, payment gateway support, etc... We have all the features you would expect, along with many innovative additions you won't find in other carts. We've got more features than a real girlfriend.

What you really want to know at this point is why NividTech Shopping should be your shopping cart. Here are just a few things that make NividTech Shopping the leader of the pack.

NividTech Shopping Features:

For Client:

  1. NividTech Shopping can support thousands of products through a powerful database manager.
  2. The software offers easy-to-use "Search and Shop", "Review Cart" and "Check-Out" functions. Products in the shopping cart are each identified by a short description, a thumbnail size photo, the quantity ordered and the total price.
  3. It facilitates easy navigation of product selection for purchasing and browsing.
  4. Products display in different pages if numbers of products are more than a page capacity. Total number of pages and products can be seen easily.
  5. Shopper can easily update ordered products quantity before check out.
  6. Shopper can delete products from cart if he/she doesn’t want to buy.
  7. 1 thumbnail and 1 full size images (gif or jpg format) can be attached to each product listed in the database.
  8. All fields are searchable. Products can be searched by category.
  9. One Page Checkout.
  10. NividTech Shopping allows you to use one of the following Checkout options:

  1. Checkout without any registration.
  2. Checkout via your own secure server. Confirmation e-mails will be issued.
    • Product cost can be seen in different currency format.

For Administrator: